Controller for Account/Funds/Wallet operations

GET api/Account/GetOverview

Returns Account/Wallet overview information

GET api/Account/GetPlatformNoteList

Returns Platform Notes/Updates

GET api/Account/GetPlatformNote?noteID={noteID}

Returns Platform Notes/Updates


Controller for Investment management.

GET api/Investment/GetOverview

Returns overview of investments

GET api/Investment/HasEnoughFunds?projectID={projectID}&amount={amount}

Returns true if User has enough funds for the investment

GET api/Investment/GetPlannedFees?projectID={projectID}&amount={amount}

Returns overview of fees to be paid/get after investment is made

GET api/Investment/GetList?statusID={statusID}&loanTypeID={loanTypeID}&autoInvestmentConfigID={autoInvestmentConfigID}

Returns list of investments

GET api/Investment/GetGroupedList?statusID={statusID}

Returns grouped list of investments. Group = ProjectEntity.LoanTypeID

GET api/Investment/Get?InvestmentID={InvestmentID}

Returns details of investment for user

GET api/Investment/GetDocuments?InvestmentID={InvestmentID}&language={language}

Returns list of documents created for Investment

GET api/Investment/GetSchedule?InvestmentID={InvestmentID}

Returns list of planned and paid interest and principal payments

PUT api/Investment/Save

Adds Investment information. Only ProjectID, Amount, and InterestDistributionTypeID is needed

GET api/Investment/GetStatusList

Returns list of investment statuses

GET api/Investment/GetPaymentScheduleStatusList

Returns list of statuses for payment schedule

GET api/Investment/GetPortfolio

Returns list of investments


User account actions

GET api/UserAccount/Get

Returns User Account entity

PUT api/UserAccount/Save

Saves User Account Entity

POST api/UserAccount/ResendEmailValidationCode?eMail={eMail}&language={language}

Resends security code to email for the validation

GET api/UserAccount/ValidateEmailCode?eMail={eMail}&securityCode={securityCode}

Used to validate email with security code. Use it when it is entered or changed

POST api/UserAccount/SubmitForPasswordRetrieval?email={email}

Used for 'forgot password' functionality for sending password reset link to theemail specified

POST api/UserAccount/SubmitNewPassword?resetToken={resetToken}&password={password}

After Password reset token is received, use this method to submit the new password

POST api/UserAccount/SetLanguage?languageCode={languageCode}

Changes language of user account

DELETE api/UserAccount/Delete

Deactivates User Account. Used when User selects 'Delete me from your site'. After deletion user session and token is also destroyed

GET api/UserAccount/IsUserNameUnique?userName={userName}

Used to check user name uniquiness. Use it when it is entering/changing email/username

POST api/UserAccount/ChangePassword?passwordNew={passwordNew}&passwordConfirmation={passwordConfirmation}&passwordOld={passwordOld}

Changes password for current user. User must be logged in to use this method. Old password can be ommited and should controled by UI.

POST api/UserAccount/ResendPasswordChangeCode?eMail={eMail}&languageCode={languageCode}

Resends security code needed for the password change

POST api/UserAccount/ConfirmPasswordChange?eMail={eMail}&password={password}&securityCode={securityCode}

Changes password for the user if email and security code matches


Controller for managing Investors bank accounts

GET api/BankAccount/GetList

Returns list of bank accounts for user

GET api/BankAccount/Get?BankAccountID={BankAccountID}

Returns details of bank account for user

PUT api/BankAccount/Save

Saves Bank Account entity and returns ID of new Bank Account generated by system

DELETE api/BankAccount/Delete?BankAccountID={BankAccountID}

Deletes Bank Account entity and returns true operation successed

GET api/BankAccount/IsValid?iban={iban}

Validates bank account number. Returns "true" if bank acount is valid, othervise "false"


Controller for monitoring purposes. no Authorization is required.

GET api/Borrower/GetLoanSchedule?loanID={loanID}

Returns Loan Schedule

GET api/Borrower/GetRealEstateAssetList?loanID={loanID}

Returns list of Real Estate Assets

GET api/Borrower/GetOtherAssetList?loanID={loanID}

Returns list of Other Assets

GET api/Borrower/GetLiabilityList?loanID={loanID}

Returns list of Liabilities

GET api/Borrower/GetIncomeList?loanID={loanID}

Returns list of income

GET api/Borrower/GetOtherIncomeList?loanID={loanID}

Returns list of other income

GET api/Borrower/GetList?loanID={loanID}

Returns list of Borrowers


Controller to work with User account Documents

GET api/Document/Get?documentID={documentID}

Returns document details

GET api/Document/GetList?language={language}

Returns list of documents associated with investor

DELETE api/Document/Delete?documentID={documentID}

Deletes uploaded document from the system (if it was not approved by Platfom manager)

POST api/Document/SendByEmail?documentID={documentID}

Initiates sending specified document by email attached to user account

POST api/Document/Upload?documentTypeID={documentTypeID}&entityType={entityType}&notes={notes}&language={language}

Uploads document/file to the user account

PUT api/Document/Save

Updates Document's note/description. To create document, use 'Upload' method

GET api/Document/Preview?documentID={documentID}

Returns stream of file attached to the document. Should be used within separate window

GET api/Document/GetDocumentTypes?groupName={groupName}

Return list of document types for entity selected. Used for document uploads


Returns settings for the application

GET api/Config/Get

Returns system setting and defaults

GET api/Config/GetCompany

Returns platform's owner company information

GET api/Config/GetBankAccount?BankAccountID={BankAccountID}

Returns platform's owner's bank account

GET api/Config/GetBankAccountList

Returns platform's owner's bank account

GET api/Config/GetCountries

Returns list of countries

GET api/Config/GetCountry?countryCode={countryCode}

Returns country by code

GET api/Config/GetCurrencyTypes

Returns list of Currency Types available

GET api/Config/GetLoanLateTypes

Returns list of Loan/Investment late types

GET api/Config/GetCollateralTypes?loanTypeID={loanTypeID}

Returns list of Collateral types

GET api/Config/GetLoanPurposes?loanTypeID={loanTypeID}

Returns list of Loan Purposes types

GET api/Config/GetLoanTypes

Returns list of Loan types

GET api/Config/GetCollateralResidenceTypes

Returns list of residence types for collateral if collateral type is real estate

GET api/Config/GetBorrowerEmploymentStatuses

Returns list of employment statuses for borrower

GET api/Config/GetEducationBackgrounds

Returns list of Education Backgrounds

GET api/Config/GetIndustrySectors

Returns list of Industry sectors

GET api/Config/GetCollateralCategories?groupID={groupID}&loanTypeID={loanTypeID}

Returns list of Collateral Categories

GET api/Config/GetCollateralBuildingTypes

Returns list of Building types for Real Estate type of collateral

GET api/Config/GetAssetTypeList

Returns list of Asset Type

GET api/Config/GetLiabilityTypeList

Returns list of Liability Types

GET api/Config/GetIncomeTypeList

Returns list of Income Types


Controller for Statistics.

GET api/Stats/GetBorrowerStats?BorrowerID={BorrowerID}

Returns investment project statistics for selected Borrower/Originator

GET api/Stats/GetProjectStats

Returns statistics for overall investment project

GET api/Stats/GetInvestorStats

Returns statistics for overall investors

GET api/Stats/GetLoanStats

Returns statistics for overall loans issed


Identification related actions

GET api/Identification/GetMethodList

Returns list of available identification methods

POST api/Identification/Initiate?identificationMethodID={identificationMethodID}

Should be called when user press on specific identification method button

GET api/Identification/UpdateStatus?identificationMethodID={identificationMethodID}&eventType={eventType}

Updates status for particular bank based on user acctions. initiated by JavaScript handler (MarkID, Ondato, Idenfy, Tink/Instantor, Kontomatik, etc.) Implemented as GET on purpose not to mess up information within API

GET api/Identification/GetIdentomatUrl?language={language}

Returns URL for the Identomat Widget for Biometrics. URL should be used for the IFrame source of witdget

GET api/Identification/UpdateIdentomat?session_token={session_token}

Saves the result of Identomat identification and returns true saving report is successfull. After Identomat Widget finish the job, it calls return url passed when creating inital token, and set's session_token parameter to it.

POST api/Identification/IdentomatCallback

Callback Method to handle identification status change initated by Identomat Management UI


Controller for Project management.

OPTIONS api/Project/Options

No documentation available.

GET api/Project/GetList?loanTypeID={loanTypeID}&language={language}

Returns list of Projects

GET api/Project/Get?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns details of project for user

GET api/Project/GetSummary?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns written summary for selected Project/Loan

GET api/Project/GetBorrowerStats?BorrowerID={BorrowerID}

Returns investment project statistics for selected Borrower/Originator

GET api/Project/GetCollateralList?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns list of collaterals of particular project

GET api/Project/GetBorrowerList?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns list of borrowers of particular project

GET api/Project/GetGuarantorList?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns list of guarantors of particular project

GET api/Project/GetDocumentList?ProjectID={ProjectID}&Language={Language}

Returns list of documents attached of particular project

GET api/Project/GetInterestDistributionTypes?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns list of Interest distribution types available for the project. Used by Sliders and JS calculations

GET api/Project/GetUpdateList?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns list of Project updates.

GET api/Project/GetFileList?ProjectID={ProjectID}&fileType={fileType}

Returns list of downloadable files. Files can be donwloaded using URL stored in FileName property

GET api/Project/GetStageList

Returns list of Project Stages.

GET api/Project/GetAmortizationScheduleTypeList

Returns list of Amortization Schedule types.

GET api/Project/GetSupplementaryServiceList?ProjectID={ProjectID}

Returns list of Project Supplementary Service Entity.


Controller for Corporte investor information management. Used if account is marked as 'Corpoarte'

GET api/Company/Get

Based on security Token's context, returns company details

POST api/Company/InitiateCheck

Initiates company information check - sends information to back office to be approved

PUT api/Company/Save

Saves entity of Company for Corporate investors

GET api/Company/GetRepresentationTypes

Returns list company representation types, used for seeting role in the company when setting beneficeries

GET api/Company/GetStatusList

Returns list company statuses


User entity actions

GET api/User/Get

Returns User entity

PUT api/User/Save

Saves User Entity (personal information and data)

POST api/User/ResendPhoneNoValidationCode?countryCode={countryCode}&phoneNo={phoneNo}&languageCode={languageCode}

Resends security code to phone to validate

GET api/User/ValidatePhoneNoCode?countryCode={countryCode}&phoneNo={phoneNo}&securityCode={securityCode}

Used to validate phone no. Use it when it is entered or changed

GET api/User/IsPersonalIDUnique?personalID={personalID}

Checks borrower's personal ID for uniqueness

GET api/User/IsPhoneNoUnique?phoneNoCountryCode={phoneNoCountryCode}&phoneNo={phoneNo}

Checks borrower's phone for uniqueness

GET api/User/IsPromoCodeValid?promoCode={promoCode}

Validates Promo code

GET api/User/GetActionLogList?dateFrom={dateFrom}&dateThrough={dateThrough}

Returns list of user's and system's action log entires related to user account


Identification related actions

GET api/Payment/GetKevinOBAuthorizationLink?cashOperationID={cashOperationID}&redirectURL={redirectURL}

Creates authorization link to the Kevin services to select Bank. It also creates Return URL to be used by Kevin services

GET api/Payment/GetKevinOBPaymentInitiationLink?cashOperationID={cashOperationID}&status={status}&code={code}&redirectURL={redirectURL}&webhookURL={webhookURL}

Returns payment initiation link for user to be redirected to. The Redirect and Webhook URLs are created also and passed to Kevin Sevices to get the link.

POST api/Payment/SetKevinOBPaymentStatus?paymentId={paymentId}&statusGroup={statusGroup}

Set status to the Payment/cash operation. Is invoked by Kevin Services when. Parameters received from Kevin services should be passed here

POST api/Payment/ConfirmKevinOBPayment?statusGroup={statusGroup}&paymentId={paymentId}&type={type}&bankStatus={bankStatus}

Completes operation. Is invoked by Webhook Url initated by Kevin Services Use '/payment/confirm-kevin-ob-payment' as webhook in UI solution

GET api/Payment/GetKevinOBPaymentStatusList

Returns list of available PaymentStatus entities for Kevin Services


Controller for monitoring purposes. no Authorization is required.

GET api/Monitoring/IsAlive

Used for monitoring purposes


Controller for KYC Survey/Questionnaire Collection.

GET api/Survey/Get?questionnaireVersionID={questionnaireVersionID}

Returns Survey Entity, questions and possible answers. The default value is set to '1'

PUT api/Survey/Save?questionnaireVersionID={questionnaireVersionID}

Saves list of Returns list of Survey question groups, questions and possible answers


Controller for Team Member/Empoyees or Beneficeries management.

GET api/Member/GetList

Returns List of Team Members/Employees/Beneficiaries

POST api/Member/Add

Adds Team Member/Employee/Beneficiary

PUT api/Member/Update

Update information about Team Member/Employee/Beneficiary

DELETE api/Member/Delete?MemberID={MemberID}

Deletes Team Member/Employee/Beneficiary if it was not activate/activated (has an account)

POST api/Member/Deactivate?memberID={memberID}

Deactivate Team Member/Employee/Beneficiary by memberID

POST api/Member/Reactivate?memberID={memberID}

Reactivate Team Member/Employee/Beneficiary by memberID

GET api/Member/GetStatusList

Returns list of statuses for member/employee/beneficiary


Controller for Deposit management

PUT api/Deposit/Save

Saves deposit information and returns deposit ID

POST api/Deposit/Add?amount={amount}&currencyCode={currencyCode}&bankAccountID={bankAccountID}

Adds deposit to system and returns deposit ID

GET api/Deposit/PreviewPDF?depositID={depositID}

Returns stream of file (pdf) of Deposit order. Should be used within separate window or downldoad button

POST api/Deposit/Cancel?depositID={depositID}

Cancels Deposit if it is in progress, otherwise throws exception

Controller to work with consents

POST api/Consent/Accept?consentID={consentID}&accepted={accepted}

Sets marker when user press accept site rules or similar

GET api/Consent/GetList?pageIDs={pageIDs}

Returns list of Consents and groups. Omit the parameter, to get whole list of available consents


Authentication based on API key and password. Information about Token should be added to the header

GET api/Authenticate/PartnerLogin?apiKey={apiKey}&apiPassword={apiPassword}

Authenticates partner and returns token with expiry. Credentials are issued by platform providers.

GET api/Authenticate/Login?userName={userName}&password={password}

Authenticates Investor user and returns token with expiry.

GET api/Authenticate/IntegratedLogin?userName={userName}

Authenticates Investor user linked with Google or Facebook accounts.

POST api/Authenticate/Kill

Used to close session and make security token innactive.

PUT api/Authenticate/SaveCookie

Saves Cookie with related data

POST api/Authenticate/SaveReferralSourceCode?rfsc={rfsc}&chn={chn}&cid={cid}

Saves Referral source code to any type of Session

POST api/Authenticate/SaveLanguage?language={language}

No documentation available.


Controller for CashOperation management

GET api/CashOperation/Get?cashOperationID={cashOperationID}

Returns deposit information details

GET api/CashOperation/GetList?cashOperationCodeID={cashOperationCodeID}&dateFrom={dateFrom}&dateThrough={dateThrough}

Returns list of cash operation

GET api/CashOperation/GetDocuments?cashOperationID={cashOperationID}

Returns list of documents attached to the deposit

GET api/CashOperation/GetCashOperationCodeList

Returns list Cash/Bank Transaction operation types/codes

GET api/CashOperation/GetStatusList

Returns list of Cash Operation statuses

POST api/CashOperation/ExportStatementListToCSV?operationCodeID={operationCodeID}&dateFrom={dateFrom}&dateThrough={dateThrough}

Returns list Cash/Bank Transaction operation types/codes

GET api/CashOperation/DownloadStatementListInCSV?operationCodeID={operationCodeID}&dateFrom={dateFrom}&dateThrough={dateThrough}

Returns list Cash/Bank Transaction operation types/codes

POST api/CashOperation/Complete?cashOperationID={cashOperationID}&bankAccountID={bankAccountID}

Completes the cash operation. For TESTING only.


Controller for Auto Investment configuration management. Investor Authorization is required

GET api/AutoInvestment/Get?autoInvestmentConfigID={autoInvestmentConfigID}

Returns selected Auto Investment Strategy/Options

GET api/AutoInvestment/GetList?isActive={isActive}

Returns list of Auto Investment Options/strategies, Can be filtered by status

PUT api/AutoInvestment/Save

Saves AutoInvesment Configuration entity and returns ID of new conifguration generated by system

DELETE api/AutoInvestment/Delete?autoInvestmentConfigID={autoInvestmentConfigID}

Deletes auto investment configuration and returns true if operation successed


Controller for Withdrawal management

PUT api/Withdrawal/Save

Saves Withdrawal information

POST api/Withdrawal/Add?amount={amount}&currencyCode={currencyCode}&bankAccountID={bankAccountID}

Adds Withdrawal to system and returns ID of it

POST api/Withdrawal/Cancel?withdrawalID={withdrawalID}

Cancels withdrawal if it is in progress, otherwise throws exception

GET api/Withdrawal/PreviewPDF?withdrawalID={withdrawalID}

Returns stream of file (pdf) of Withdrawal invoice. Should be used within separate window or downldoad button